We get’ve tried it all before.

The over-the-counter gels, creams and lotions. The over-the-counter drugs. Heating pads and cold packs. Maybe you’ve even tried physical therapy, acupuncture, compression or even prescription medication.

And nothing worked.

With each passing month, your aches grow more intense, you no longer do the things you once loved and you start to feel defeated. Your body just doesn’t feel as good as it once did. You struggle to make it through the day without numbing the soreness and stiffness.

And at night, you lie in bed restless... unable to get the rejuvenating sleep you desperately need because of intense discomfort.

Sound familiar?

Here's why.

Work, play, and age can do a number on our bodies. And chances are, your body simply needs some natural assistance.

Over-the-counter drugs and prescription medicine don’t know where to go so they go everywhere affecting the entire body and can upset the stomach and digestive system.

Topical products are different.

With topical products, you are able to intelligently place the formula to where you need it, resulting in faster, more effective relief. But when the sensation of most topical products (balms, lotions, gels), the pain comes back.

You deserve better. 

TAOG stops the agony.

Our products are guaranteed to help you feel good in your body once again and get back to doing what you love from DAY ONE!

It's unlike anything you've tried before. 

You cannot find a better way to naturally support your body. See our full list of ingredients here.

Feel better than you have in years...maybe EVER.

Once you receive your products, you’ll be able to get started right away and feel the difference immediately. Over time, you’ll begin to notice long-lasting results. 

We are so confident in our formulas that if, after using them twice a day for several days, you do not experience incredible results, we will REFUND YOUR MONEY.

With our 60 Day Guarantee, you have nothing to lose … except your extreme discomfort.




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