Instant and lasting reprieve.

After applying TAOG, you will feel an instantaneous warming, cooling, and tingling sensation as our formula penetrates the skin.

This is followed quickly by an overwhelming and lasting sense of calm in the affected area.

If used on a daily basis, you will notice a remarkable, sustainable difference.

TAOG liniment is a non-greasy liquid that is easily massaged into problem areas.

It's about time.

Time is our most valuable asset.
Every minute is priceless and cannot be returned.
We’re here to make sure you do not suffer one minute longer.
We’re on a mission to free you from discomfort and help you reach your full potential.

Starting today!


Better ingredients. Better results.

TAOG is formulated using only 100% natural and carefully-selected plant-based extracts. We use only premium ingredients free from fillers, parabens, toxic preservatives, petroleum products, artificial fragrances and colors, aluminum compounds, or cocamide DEA.
✔️100% natural
✔️ Hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon
✔️ Pain-free guarantee