Quit masking the agony.

This isn’t OTC.
This isn’t CBD.
This isn’t BS.

This is TAOG.


We get it. You're frustrated.

Most topical products create a hot, cold and tingling sensation to distract the brain from discomfort.

Others reduce inflammation.

But when the sensation wears off, the pain comes back.

You deserve better.

TAOG LINIMENT is different.

Unlike other products, our liniment continues to work even after your discomfort subsides to help restore your body to its most optimal, powerful state.

Prepared with more than 30 naturally-derived ingredients, this is our MOST POTENT formula. And unlike anything you've tried before.

If you seek instantaneous and long-term comfort, TAOG LINIMENT is the obvious choice.

It is guaranteed to help you feel good in your body once again and get back to doing what you love from DAY ONE!

Feel better than you have in years...maybe EVER.